Drop in to a Vinyasa Flow or Hatha Yoga class on Monday & Wednesday evenings in Angel, or Monday lunchtimes in Covent Garden for just £8 per class.

 beginners yoga courses 

Brand new to yoga, or want to go back to basics? We run 6 week beginner yoga courses and next-level improvers courses in Angel & Pimlico throughout the year.

1-on-1 private yoga

yoga & pilates at work

Corporate yoga or Pilates classes & 'Workplace wellbeing' sessions at your office to soothe away stress, boost productivity & enhance employee wellbeing.

The way that yoga was traditionally taught - just you and  your teacher, working towards your personal needs and intentions.

Indulge in a weekend of yoga, healthy food, pampering treatments and stunning countryside surroundings on one

of our yoga retreats ​throughout Europe & the UK.

" Just finished an amazing yoga class with Stretching the City in Islington. Highly recommend to any Londoners who fancy a stretch to Portishead. #Energised. "  

Psychologies Magazine, Beauty Dept.

"I literally float back to my desk after office yoga, and feel far more clear headed and calmer for the afternoon ahead. It's well worth taking a lunch break for." 
Rob, a corporate yoga customer

coming up: new monday lunchtime covent garden yoga classes. ibiza yoga retreat, 4-11th June. improvers/intermediate 6 week yoga course starts 23rd april.

new monday lunchtime covent garden classes

Express 45 min yoga lunchtime classes in Covent Garden on Monday lunchtimes. 12.30pm Hatha & 1.30pm Vinyasa Flow. Only £8 per class.

yin yoga session

7.30-9pm tues 15 april, angel

Join Sally for a one-off super chilled yin yoga practice in Angel. Expect to soften, slow down, unwind and turn inwards. 

£12. more info.

Find out more about our new Covent Garden yoga classes here.