Our Monday night classes are moving to their new home, Stretching Angel.

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VENUE: Angel, n1 9pd

Our Beginners Yoga courses take place at our yoga space in Angel, close by to Angel tube. Visit our Yoga in Angel page for a map and directions. 


Following our January course, we're not running another course until....


16 October - 20 November 2017


about: 6 week beginners yoga course

Learn the key postures, principles and philosophies of hatha yoga, gradually building your capabilities and confidence so you can join our drop in classes or join us on one of our yoga retreats. Each week will have a specific theme and a group of postures that we'll focus on, but we'll weave these in to a 'regular' class, so you're still reaping the benefits of a yoga class without having too much of an information overload.

In addition to the postures,  you'll practice various breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation techniques.

You'll be emailed a handout after each class of what we did that week, so you can practice at home with a point of reference - and catch up if you missed  a class. Here's an outline of what we cover each week of the course: 

Week 1: Sun salutations & some standing postures                  Week 4: Balances & breathing practices
Week 2: Forward bends, extensions & twists                              Week 5: Inversions

Week 3: Back bends & core strengthening                                  Week 6: Bringing it all together: vinyasa flow transitions 

beginners yoga course testimonials

"The husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. We thought that Thania was absolutely lovely, approachable, helpful and welcoming, and we all had a great giggle, which was a plus. We wanted a course that really covered the basics and wasn't overly "hippy" (as the other half puts it) and served as a good work out, and we're pleased to say that Thania delivered on all fronts!" Karolina

"Yesterday was so amazing I was super nervous about starting this course but you made us all feel really welcome and was so patient. I really look forward to the next lesson." Crissy

"Thanks again for such a brilliant course - I'm noticing the physical benefits (i.e. strength) already and it's also done wonders for my mind. I've been going through some quite significant life changes recently and am really trying to focus on relaxing the mind, live in the moment and be aware of my thought processes and all that jazz. The course really helped me tap into and start to work on this." Katy

"I enjoyed the lack of ego in the class. I never once felt pressured (by anyone, not even myself!) to out-do anyone else. It was really nice and reassuring to hear that we shouldn’t push ourselves too far, even if you already know not to deep down."  Ho-Yee

"What a great session! And amazing teacher! Love the stories about the poses." Aladin

cost & booking 

You can pay via bank transfer, simply email info@stretchingthecity.comfor our bank details. Once paid you'll be sent a personal indemnity form that needs to be filled out and returned to us prior to your first class. ​Sadly no missed classes can be reimbursed.

beginners COURSE schedule




The benefits of yoga can be plentiful, but sadly some people feel nervous trying yoga for the first time - worried they'll be too inflexible or inexperienced  to participate in drop-in classes. Our 6 week beginners course aims to put you at ease and teach you the basic postures, practices and philosophies of  yoga -  in a warm, friendly and utterly unpretentious environment.  

By the end of the course, you should feel confident enough to come to drop-in classes, on yoga retreats, or even to practice at home. Scroll down for more info and details on how to book your place. Beginners courses take place at our North London yoga space in Angel (N1 9PD).

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