Participants can provide their own yoga mats, hire from us for £5 per mat or (recommended) buy in bulk from Yogamatters.


No room to roll out yoga mats, or time to get changed in to yoga wear? No problem. A Stretching the City Chair Yoga class will allow you to get your yoga fix, even if you're short on space. In a chair yoga class you'll practice postures sitting on or standing by your chair that will be specifically tailored to alleviate the aches and pains of desk-bound work and can easily be practiced at your desk, whilst wearing your work clothes. Some stress-busting breathing practices will also be included.​​

Similar to Chair Yoga, this can be practiced in work clothes, alongside your chair or desk and focuses on strengthening the core muscles that contribute towards good posture, reducing lower back pain and releasing tightness and tension around the neck and shoulders. These classes are 30 minutes and capped at 40 people.

Simply choose the time and date you'd like your class

We cap classes at

20 people.


Your secret weapon to a pain-free body and the perfect posture, a Pilates class will blend strength and flexibility training to help you get  toned, strong and conditioned from top to toe.  A brilliant practice for injury rehabilitation and prevention, you'll also learn much greater awareness of your posture, so expect to reduce back pain and be less inclined to slump at your desk. Classes 60 minutes and capped at 20 people.

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Stretching the City Corporate yoga, Pilates and Chair yoga/Pilates classes promise to stretch, strengthen and de-stress all who take part. Taught by the best yoga and Pilates teachers London has to offer, our classes are a mixed-ability affair, with modifications offered to those who wish to take more challenging or easier options. Upon booking, we’ll discuss the most suitable style of yoga for your group and match you with a suitable teacher. 


High intensity interval training (HIIT) boosts your metabolism and endorphins with short, sharp bursts of exercise. In this fun and energetic workout, you’ll be put through your paces by a personal trainer who will take you through cardio and conditioning exercises. No fancy gym equipment required, just your own body weight. All levels of fitness are welcome.

45 minute class, capped at 20 people.

Pregnant women are welcome to join from 12+ weeks providing they have practiced yoga/Pilates before.

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Our teachers are all fully insured, but you'll also  be covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance of up to £4 million.


The latest trend to hit the fitness scene, a Barre workout combines Pilates, yoga and dance to deliver a transformational strengthening and toning class. Based on the traditional ballet barre (but in the case of office classes, simply using the back of chairs instead), the barre is used as a prop to balance whilst practicing isometric strength training. There will also be floor based exercises to strengthen the core and upper body. Suitable for both men and women, no prior dance experience required. 60 minute classes, capped at 20 people.


The ideal antidote to days spent at your desk, a typical yoga class will stretch out tired and tight muscles, strengthen and tone the whole body and induce calm and relaxation with stress-busting breathing and meditation practices. Incorporating flowing sequences with longer held poses, you'll float out of yoga feeling energised, revived and relaxed.

Classes 60 minutes and capped at 20 people.