1:1 health checks

10 mins

15  mins

20 mins
21 appts per half day / 42 appts per full day14 appts per half day / 28 appts per full day
11 appts per half day / 21 appts per full day
Blood sugar (diabetes)Blood sugar (diabetes)
Blood sugar (diabetes)
Blood pressureBlood pressure
Blood pressure


Hip: Waist ratioHip: Waist ratio

Body fat %

Visceral fat test

Metabollic rate & age

Muscle mass

Hydration test 

Bone mass assessment

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All checks are performed by a health professional with a minimum of a nutrition degree .

Employees are given their test results at the time of their appointment.

Choose from 10, 15 or 20 minute appointments over a half or full day.

Stretching the City Health checks are conducted in the workplace (in a private meeting room) by our team of health professional, all of whom are registered with the professional UK regulatory bodies (BANT and CNHC). Our online appointment booking system removes all the administration for you and we can also provide you with posters to help advertise the screenings. During appointments the only clothing which needs to be removed are shoes and socks. Referrals are made to GPs if the results are outside of acceptable range, and all test results are given to employees at the end of their appointment on a results card with advice from our health professionals. A confidential (no name) report is produced for senior management with our findings and recommendations.We have three packages available:


Health checks take place

 in a small, quiet

meeting room. 

Half day: £450 + VAT

Full day: £675 + VAT

24 hour cancellation policy applies. 

Health checks are available throughout the UK.