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Enhances awareness

& creativity 

Structurally changes the brain to

improve focus.

Mindfulness for a Work/Life Balance

Using practical mindfulness techniques, you’ll learn ways to attain balance and harmony between your work and home life. Addressing ways to switch off from work, compartmentalise tasks and be fully present with those around you, you’ll leave this 60 minute session feeling empowered to make the most of your time at work and at home, without having to blur the two. 60 minutes.

Managing Stress & Resilience with Mindfulness

In this 60 minute session we tackle the topics of stress and resilience – learning not just how to manage stress, but how to minimize it, and how to broaden and build the inner resources to strengthen your resilience. Your teacher will share some theoretical reasoning, along with simple and practical meditations that you can conveniently practice throughout your working week to help reduce stress and strengthen resilience - helping you approach your daily tasks with greater clarity and a stronger sense of equanimity. ​​60 minutes.

Self Care at Work with Mindfulness Meditation 
By implementing mindfulness based self-care practices we can decrease the impact of stress and educate ourselves to practice coping and preventative strategies during busy and overwhelming times. As well as the personal benefits of self-care, you’ll also consider the positive effects of self-care on your professional relationships and productivity. 60 minutes.

A Mindful Nights Sleep
Not only have numerous studies proven mindfulness to be an effective tool for reducing insomnia, even more studies have shown mindfulness to significantly reduce stress - undoubtedly one of the main causes keeping us awake at night. This 60 minute workshop, lead by an expert mindfulness teacher and psychotherapist will share the neuroscience behind sleep, as well as mindfulness and yoga techniques and practices for a better nights sleep. This session will include a guided sleep meditation, which will be available for audio download following the workshop. 60 mins.

Mindful Communication

Mindfulness gives us the ability to respond wisely instead of reacting emotionally.  With practice, in mindful communication we develop the capacity to tune into our own feelings that arise during exchanges, express ourselves more authentically and develop the ability to give others the space to communicate without imposing our own expectations. This way, we can meet each other in a more satifying field of communication and have exchanges with openness, acceptance and kindness. In this 60 minute workshop you will learn to:

  • Ground speech in basic guidelines for mindful communication
  • Develop an understanding of your own patterns of communication
  • Enhance your mindful listening abilities
  • Strengthen your ability to stay present and be more skilful in challenging situations
  • Have more meaningful and satisfying encounters with people. 

Regular drop-in Mindfulness Meditation classes

​Join a host of Stretching the City clients who enjoy weekly or fortnightly 30-45 minute meditation classes at their office. These highly effective calming classes work on a drop-in basis, whereby employees attend as and when they can. These shorter sessions are an ideal fit for lunchtime, or a short break during working hours and take place in a meeting room or boardroom. Teaching the core principles of mindfulness meditation, these sessions are mainly practice-based and help cultivate a connection to the present moment - which in turn can lead to improved productivity, morale and mood and reduced stress. We advise you partake in the 60 minute 'Introduction to Mindfulness' workshop to learn the foundations of mindfulness, before embarking on these shorter sessions.

Alleviates psychologiical stress, worry and anxiety 

Meditation Classes

Improves relationships, 

communication & compassion 

​​A month of Mindfulness: 4 week Mindfulness @ Work Course
A bespoke course created with the busy professional in mind. At 4 weeks of hourly sessions, this manageable course highlights how mindfulness can make your personal and professional life more manageable.

Session One: The Magic of Awareness
Raising awareness to the hazards of automatic pilot, discovering the productive benefits of mindful-tasking vs. multi-tasking.  
Session Two: Building Resilience
Building the characteristics of a resilient employee.
Session Three: Finding Balance
Techniques to find work-life balance and transitioning between work life demands and home life demands.
Session Four: Thoughts are Not Facts
Getting to know the nature of your mind and training it to work for you rather than against you.

​Format: x4 60 minute sessions. Maximum of 30 participants.

Managing Stress & Resilience with Mindfulness (4 weeks)

​Lead and developed by Stretching the City’s resident mindfulness meditation teacher and psychotherapist, this new course has been designed to delve deeper in to the detrimental effects of stress and help build the muscles of resilience and mental strength to bring calm and equanimity to every day.

Week 1 & 2: Will focus on stress. Understanding ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress and sharing techniques to manage them. As well as mindfulness meditations, Hope will also share basic psychological interventions, that anyone can employ to strengthen and empower them during times of stress.

Week 3 & 4: Will focus on resilience, in particular mindfulness practices to help develop resilient thinking and attitudes during times of change, uncertainty and overwhelm. Your teacher will also help participants develop tools and techniques for noticing and managing their emotions and protecting their mental, emotional and physical health whilst in a demanding professional environment.
Format: X4 weeks of 60 minute sessions. Suitable for up to 30 participants. 



meditation courses

Stretching the City mindfulness meditation classes are taught by fully accredited and qualified mindfulness teachers who have a minimum of 2 year mindfulness study. All our teachers comply with the teaching guidelines set out by the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Training agencies. 


The Foundations & Fundamentals of Mindfulness Meditation 

(6 weeks)
Ideal for those who are totally new to mindfulness, but want a structured introduction to start with. Each class features 1- 2 meditation practices, followed by a more in-depth exploration of a mindfulness topic (such as communication, resilience, movement and those topics listed in the classes above.) Prior to the course, we would organise a briefing call between you and the course facilitator, so the course content can be tailored to your employees.  Home practice is encouraged, but not essential. By the end of the course you should feel more ‘present’, fully aware of the here and now and inspired to continue your meditation practice further. Handouts and accompanying audio practices are provided. 

An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 
New to meditation? We suggest getting started with this Introductory session. In a typical taster class you'll be introduced to the principles of mindfulness and some of the scientific research that supports it's effectiveness. You'll then practice 2-3 meditation practices, such as the body scan, the mindfulness of breathing practice and a '3 step breathing space' practice, learning how they can improve and enhance your professional and personal life and how to implement them in to your routine.
 60 minutes.

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In its simplest form, mindfulness means paying attention to being aware of the present moment. Research from 163 different studies suggested that mindfulness meditation practice had a positive effect on improving anxiety and stress*. It’s also a proven way to increase resilience, emotional intelligence and communication in the workplace. Try one of our meditation classes or courses. 

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