1:1 Wellness consultations

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Keeping Well @ Work 
Long days at the office and mounting deadlines can put healthy eating on the back-burner. In this talk, we’ll look at what constitutes a ‘Healthy’ diet - which healthy foods you should eat and why, why you should avoid certain unhealthy foods and the best breakfasts and lunches to eat for optimal energy, mood and productivity. Our most generic introduction to all things nutrition, this talk will finish with a round-up of tips for a healthy and happy workplace.

Boost your Brain Power 

Research shows that the food you consume is one of the most powerful influences on everyday brain skills. Get smart on foods and nutrients that will sharpen your mind and your mood, starve off Alzheimer’s (and other forms of dementia) as well as exercise and meditation techniques to keep your brain at the top of it's game. 

Our qualified nutritionists and health coaches work with your staff on a 1-on-1 basis, confidentially coaching them through health and nutrition concerns, helping them set realistic and attainable goals for improved health and diet. Diet will form a major part of our conversation, but we'll also look at the whole spectrum of wellbeing, discussing the client's stress levels, sleep patterns, exercise regime and any other health and lifestyle complaints. Consider these consultations a personal 'MOT' helping your staff live their lives with optimal health and vitality.

Clients will be asked to complete and return a confidential health history form prior to their session. Consultations can take place in a small, quiet meeting room. When booking, we request a minimum of 4 sessions and maximum of 10 sessions in 1 day. 

Our corporate nutrition programme has been designed to guide your staff towards the healthiest food choices to boost brain power, improve mood and keep sick days at bay. Working with our team of nutritionists and health coaches we offer the following workshops, cooking demos and 1:1 consultations.

Participants will leave with a handout and a suggested shopping list 

Smoothie Making 101

Don’t know your Green Goddess from your post-gym protein smoothie? Learn tips, tricks and time-saving cheats to make your smoothies as delicious, as they are nutritious and try for yourself 3 smoothie recipes you’ll prepare together. Smoothie-making equipment, ingredients and recipe cards are provided

Raw Chocolate & Healthy Treats

Learn how to make delicious, healthy and sugar-free snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth and discover the potent power of raw chocolate. Everyone will leave with some handmade raw chocolates and energy balls to take home. Includes all materials and ingredients. 

Choose from seminar style workshops, hands-on cooking demos or 1:1 coaching sessions.

Nutrition sessions are delivered by certified nutritionists, chefs and health coaches. 


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Nutrition workshops can take place in a boardroom, meeting room, canteen, or any available space you have in your office. 


​​​Eating for Energy 

See your energy soar with these suggested dietary and lifestyle changes and learn to steer clear of foods that will cause your energy levels to plummet. Discover what and when to eat and how to safely use supplements to boost your energy. Hear about healthy habits that will ensure you get the most restful and restorative sleep possible and how to start your day with a spring in your step every morning. 

Sugar Blues: Curb your Cravings for Good 
An introduction to food cravings, specifically looking at the negative implications and effects of sugar consumption. Learn why our bodies crave sugar and practical tips to beat your sugar cravings for good. See your productivity and energy levels soar as you implement sugar-free treats in to your diet. ​

Build & Balance your Immune System

Dis-regulation of the immune system can lead to more than a simple cough or cold. Discover how to bring homeostasis back into our bodies with the wise use of nutrient-dense foods and daily practices that have beneficial effects on immune response and will keep sick days at bay.

Nutrition for Stress Management

We'll start by understanding the 'stress response' and what happens when we're stressed, followed by a thorough break-down of:  

How stress effects your energy, foods to eat to support your adrenal glands (along with meal and recipe suggestions) and supplements to take during stressful times. 

The 5 Day Reset: Mini Detox

Feeling sluggish, but daunted by a detox? Our 5 Day Reset will take you through a mini cleanse to help improve your digestion, energy, sleep and skin as well as helping you battle sugar cravings. Includes an introductory workshop, recipes and 5 day meal planner. 

Bespoke nutrition workshops
There is no end to the knowledge and expertise of our nutrition team. If you would like a bespoke nutrition workshop focused on a theme and topic which we haven’t featured, then please do get in touch.


Fast Food, Health Food: A Demonstration & Explanation for Busy Professionals

Eating healthily needn’t be time-consuming and expensive. With some simple, speedy recipes and a small amount of organisation, you can plan and prepare healthy and nutritious meals throughout the whole week. Join our resident health food chef for a demonstration, explanation and a tasting of some simple and healthy meals - from on-the-go breakfasts to delicious dinners, that even the most time-strapped professional can manage to prepare. We offer variations on this workshop, focusing on particular meals, food groups and seasonal eating.