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Did you know that poor sleepers are twice as likely to struggle with productivity and 3 times more likely to struggle to concentrate? Or that chronic sleep debt can lead to long-term mood disorders, like depression and anxiety?

(Great British Sleep Survey, 2012​)

Whether you're a sound sleeper or suffering insomniac, our mood, productivity and health could all benefit from more restful and restorative sleep. 

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4 weeks to Super Sleep

x4 weekly hourly sessions or a 2 hour workshop.
This is  4 week course of hourly sessions, teaching you how to make easy and small changes that can drastically improve their sleep and life. As you learn about the sleep cycles, koshas, breathing techniques, marma points, what drives sleep and the basics of the parasympathetic system, you'll gain a greater understanding and feel empowered to achieve a regular restful and restorative night’s sleep. The weekly course structure is as follows:

Sleep School: Sleep to Achieve, Succeed & Thrive
Learn tips, techniques and healthy habits to help you sleep more soundly and ensure the sleep that you do get (even if limited) is the most restful and restorative it can be. This 60 minute workshop will include:

  • An insight in to the workings of your sleep cycle
  • Sleep-inducing lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Strategies for surviving on limited hours of sleep
  • Stress-busting practices to help you switch off and sleep. 

Week 1: Demystify sleep

  • Practical info about sleep cycles
  • Basics of koshas and how they are a salient feature of understanding sleep
  • Basics of the parasympathetic nervous systems

Week 2: Why are you not sleeping?

  • Sleep saboteurs and rest wreckers
  • Sleep hygiene

Week 3: Managing the effects of insomnia or a poor night’s sleep

  • Mopping up: Practices to feel more awake, alert and re-booted after a poor night’s sleep.
  • Layering in rest

Week 4: Practical tools for inducing sleep

  • The Super sleep yoga sequence
  • Self practice with Marma points
  • One or two sleep-inducing pranayama (breathing) techniques
  • A simple wake-up sequence (time permitting)   

Whether you’re a suffering insomniac, or constantly wake up craving an extra hour in bed, this course is suitable for anyone with an interest and yearning to get more sleep. Whilst predominantly practical, there will be some gentle movement in each class, particularly in week 4 when some yoga will be practiced. ​​