​​​​​Pregnancy at Work
Provides pregnant employees with confidence through change, a chance to meet others in a similar situation.

Delegates will work through the practical steps to take before maternity leave - such as creating a handover plan

and setting up a support network and communication plan. This will help the group feel more confident about the

huge change they are about to experience.

Duration: 120 minute workshop.

Maternity Returners
This session supports those who have recently returned from maternity leave (within 3 months of return) - to be able to confidently and quickly reintegrate into the workplace. We help delegates work through any difficult and negative emotions, and work towards identifying the best possible work/family balance.

​Duration: 120 minute workshop.

For Managers: Managing Maternity and Paternity
Designed specifically for any manager who is managing an expectant, new or existing parent.  This session is of particular relevance with the introduction of Shared Parental Leave in April 2015, as managers may find they need to manage team flexibility much more.  We look at ways to manage flexibility for good work life balance as well as strong business continuity.

4 steps to visibly improved Time Management for the Working Parent
Delegates will work through 4 systematic steps and exercises to produce their personal time management plan, which can immediately be put into practice.

Staying ahead of the Game as a Working Parent
Priorities have changed and you need to be in several places at once.  Learn how to manage the politics, network on reduced hours and boost your visibility.

Life as a Working Dad
Invite your dads to a 1-hour presentation to understand the impact of 'generation daddy' and how their role is changing. During the session we will identify and navigate the challenges of being a working dad, give tips on how to get the work/life balance right including ideas on what you need to change to work smarter.

Flexible working workshops for parents & non parents: 

Working Flexibly
Supports all those employees who are considering working flexibly or in the early stages of a new flexible working arrangement.  Is flexible working the right option?  What are the pros and cons?  How do I apply? What do I need to make it a success?
Managing a Flexible Career
Supports those employees who have perhaps been working flexibly for a while and need a career boost.  We were once told that ‘no one teaches you how to work flexibly’ – this forum is our solution to that problem!  How do I manage my time and career prospects as a flexible worker?
Managing Flexibility
Supports managers who have team members considering or currently working flexibly.  What is the process?  How do I support my team members whilst ensuring overall team productivity?


Our 'Wellbeing for Working Parents' workshops recognise, inspire and support working parents. Ideal for KIT days, supporting staff returning from paternity and maternity leave, or to provide on-going support to staff with children of all ages, these workshops are full of practical ideas and advice to help increase personal productivity and wellbeing at work. Unless otherwise stated, all sessions are 60 minutes. 

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Wellbeing for working parents

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