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1:1 Stress Management Coaching

Introducing coaching and coaching culture into the workplace is one of the most beneficial things you can do to support individual and team wellbeing.  1:1 coaching is a confidential conversation based around your specific needs and challenges, it increases self-awareness, helps you to help yourself and others, and creates new skills, behaviours and actions for moving forward.  You might focus on how to thrive at work, reducing stress and anxiety, work-life balance, dealing with challenging situations/people, career or project planing, and any other work or personal issues appearing for you right now.  Get in touch to ask about coaching for individuals or to set up a regular open coaching clinic at your workplace.

Thrive Offline
With 2 out of 3 people admitting an extreme attachment to their smartphones, and most spending over half their waking hours in front of a screen, digital overload is arguably the defining problem of society today. Our fun and  interactive Thrive Offline workshop empowers people to recognise the impact constant connectivity is having on their happiness and mental health and shares tools and tips to reclaim control of digital technology. If you panic when you’re without your mobile and get FOMO from too much social media scrolling, this session is for you. 

Mental Health for Managers: Raising Awareness & Cultivating Conversations at Work

As the third largest cause for absenteeism, now is the time to normalise conversations around mental health. In this workshop, managers will be equipped with the skills and confidence to recognise signs and symptoms of mental health issues and effectively guide a person towards support. This 90 minute workshop for line managers and senior team members will cover:

  • Causes, signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Culture factor, promoting openness, listening & trust
  • Offering appropriate first-line support in the workplace
  • Getting comfortable with mental health conversations
  • Tackling stigmas and unconscious bias.

Stop Stress & Ease Anxiety
Stress and anxiety are two modern day conditions that have a huge impact on our happiness and performance in life and work. If left unchecked they can become our default and have huge knock on effects on our health and wellbeing, family and career. Learning to meet them head on with acceptance and even humour, however, means we can start to build a lifelong toolkit to keep them at bay. In this session, we will explore the effects and causes of stress and anxiety, and most importantly, what we can do to counter them:

  • What Stress & Anxiety do to Us 
  • Fight/Flight v’s Rest/Digest
  • Things We Do that Mess us Up
  • Noticing Triggers, Emotions & Core Beliefs • What situation consistently stresses you out or makes you worry and what impact does it have?  What would change if you no longer stressed over it?
  • Skills & Tools to Beat Stress & Anxiety
  • Meeting your resistance/ Sitting with what is/ Taking action/ Cultivating a relaxed future .  

4 week Stress Management Course
A follow-on course from the stress, anxiety and resilience workshops, this course is designed to develop an individual’s life-long stress toolkit. Looking at physiology, psychology, mental health and emotions, participants will be able to build a personal action plan from week one through to four, and take this away as a personal change plan. Contact us for detailed week by week course content.


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Resilience Toolkit for the Workplace
With resilience skills we flourish and stay proactive.  Without them, we risk losing confidence, stalling important decisions and narrowing our outlook. This session takes you through a toolkit to build resilience in life and at work. We’ll touch on:

  • Setting the Scene for Physical Wellbeing 
  • Developing Resilient Thinking & Attitudes
  • Tools for Noticing & Managing Emotions 
  • Behaviours - Responding vs Reacting 
  • Roundup of 7 Skills to Build Resilience your resistance to colds, bugs and stress-related sick days.

mental health awareness in the workplace

With 1/6 of workers currently suffering from a mental health problem - such as anxiety, depression or stress and work being the cited as the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives, it’s a pertinent time to put some preventative mental health strategies in to place. Delivered by a Mind qualified life and business coach, our workshops, courses and 1:1 coaching aim to raise awareness and silence the stigma around mental health in the workplace.