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Does it matter if I haven't done much yoga?

Not at all! We welcome yogis of all levels of experience on our retreats and tailor the classes so that there are more challenging options for those that want to work a bit harder, or slightly easier versions for those that are in the early stages of practice. Although yoga is a key part of the retreats, it's also about the experience of getting away to beautiful surroundings, eating healthy food and having a relaxing and nourishing experience. 

What style of yoga do you teach on the retreats?

We tend to teach a more dynamic 'vinyasa flow' style in the morning, followed by a slower-paced yin or restorative class in the evening. Whilst it's good to have a blood-pumping, heart-rate raising yoga practice, we also believe that a yoga retreat is the ideal opportunity to take things down a notch and really allow the body to rest - hence why the evening practice is always a bit slower, but still incredibly effective. Bear in mind you'll be offered modifications, so you can pace the class to your own level. Classes will also include some pranayama (breathing exercises) and some meditation, and we can look in to the theory of the yoga chakra system and 8 limbs of yoga. 

Will we be eating rabbit food?

Far from it! We serve delicious, vegetarian food - and lots of it! Dinner is a three course affair and there are snacks available if you are hungry between meals (we doubt it!) Most meals are kept wheat and dairy free, but we can cater for any special dietary requirements. There's also countless cups of herbal tea for you to help yourself too.... and even a cheeky coffee supply if you ask nicely. 

What do we do during the day in between yoga classes?

Some people come on yoga retreats craving some down-time and simply want to spend their free time snoozing or reading in the bath, whilst others want a non-stop itinerary of  activities. We try to cater for both - offering additional activities such as a guided countryside walk, raw chocolate making, pampering treatments (facials and massages) and yoga workshops. Nothing is compulsory and it's totally up to you what you choose to participate in. 


We don't include treatments in the cost of the retreat, but offer these as an additional option. They're reasonably priced at £30 for 30 mins, or £45 for 60 mins for either a facial or a massage. Our therapists, Katy and Jenny are brilliant, use lovely natural products and get glowing reports from our guests who literally float out of their treatments.

Can I come on my own?

Absolutely. Whilst we welcome groups or pairs of friends and siblings, lots of our retreat guests come on their own. You'll share a room with someone else that has come solo, unless you want to pay extra for your own room. Retreat groups are always a very friendly and welcoming bunch, so it's more than likely you'll leave the retreat with a few new friends too. If you've got a group of friends you'd like to share a retreat with, why not think about organising a bespoke yoga retreat for an exclusive, private retreat just for you and your crew. Email Sally for more details. 

Is it always all women?

No! Well, sometimes, but not always. Admittedly our groups are predominantly women, but we usually get a couple of chaps in each group - and they have a brilliant time!  Whether you're a male retreat guest being roped along by your girlfriend, or considering coming along on your own, we warmly welcome guys as much as girls on our retreats. 

About the Surrey glamping venue.... Will it be cold?

No! Each shepherd's hut is equipped with it's own wood burning stove, as is the communal yoga space. So we can guarantee you'll feel nice and toasty.

Got more questions about what goes down on a yoga retreat? Email info@stretchingthecity.comand ask away.